Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Down Under

A week ago today Grant and I got back from a WONDERFUL trip to Sydney, Australia. It was amazing. Anyone that knows me knows I love to travel, and love it I did! After a 3 hour drive to ABQ, a 2 hour wait at the airport, 2 hour flight to L.A,. a four hour layover and then 15 and a half hour flight to Sydney we were half way across the world. Grant and I could not get enough of this view. It was unreal that we were seeing it in person.This Opera house is unreal. It was so fun to go inside and look at it up close and personal.
We honestly did not take that many pictures, and this might very well be the only one with both of us in it. I think we were enjoying too much and did not even really think about pulling the camera out.
This Cathedral was across from our hotel. Grant had never been in a big cathedral like this before and was in awe at the size and the beauty. It never escapes me when I go into these amazing works of art how different it feels than our small simple chapels and relatively simple temples. The spirit is discernibly different.
We walked A LOT. Really we walked anywhere we could. One day we were able to account for at least 6 miles of walking. One day we found this fun fountain in the middle of the wharf, stopped, took off our shoes, and just enjoyed!
One of the things that surprised me about Sydney in particular was the mix of historical and modern. This picture shows that blend right in the middle of downtown. It was that way every where.
This was our view from our hotel room. We seriously always get the last room in a very long hall no matter where we stay. We were laughing about it as we were walking to our room. But then we opened the curtains, and not complaint was ever again uttered!
Things we did:
  • Did a city tour by bus
  • Hung out at the Rocks Market (a fun local Market on the weekends)
  • Explored downtown
  • Watched our first Opera in the amazing Opera House
  • Took a ferry to Manly beach to scuba dive for the day
  • Went to the Famous Bondi Beach and body boarded for half a day
  • Went to Local art Museums and Churches
  • Walked in several of their parks (beautiful, huge, and full of very active adults working out not matter what day or time of the day...seriously does no one work?)
  • Explored two different harbors
  • Ate amazing food (very fresh sea food)
  • Gained some weight
  • Took a few naps
  • Read a couple of books
I do have to say that the best thing about the trip was being with Grant 24-7, uninterrupted! We have so much fun together and love the same things. It was a most wonderful time!