Friday, May 21, 2010

Letting go...just a little bit

This story starts several months ago when I asked Jamison what she wanted for her birthday. She responded without hesitation saying she wanted her ears pierced. I was not sure how Grant was going to react, so I decided to have Jamison tell him. He still thought I was trying to convince her, even though it was purely her idea. I waited about a month and brought it up again. He was not so sure about it. I told him I needed to know if he was not going to be okay with it so I had time to talk her out of it. He needed more time, so I gave it to him.

A few weeks before her birthday I asked Grant again and he said he did not know. I asked what his hang up was and he said he did not know. I asked him if it was because it meant his little girl was growing up...he thought for a second and said yeah, he thought that is what it was. He made sure that is what she wanted and gave his consent.

He originally did not want to have anything to with the actual act, but when I told him I planned to do it while he was gone for Father and Son camp out his tune changed. We altered the plans and did it all together on his way out of town. We met at the mall and all walked in together. It was a party with all the kids, Mammy, Harley and Jaycee. As we walked through the mall Grant let out a big nervous sigh, he was having a hard time (and I have to admit I had a moment thinking I cannot believe we are going to put holes in our daughter's head.) He held her hand all the way to the store relishing that time with her.

When we got to the store I stepped back and Grant sat with her and helped her pick the earrings she wanted. They brought out the stool and he crouched next to her holding her hand the whole time. It was so sweet and cool to watch this little father daughter bonding experience. She did wonderful and I think having Dad there helped.

Afterwards he just kept looking at her telling her how pretty she was. She just beamed...and I think he did too. As we were walking to the car he said, "is it just me or did she grow a couple of inches when they put those earrings in her ear." He is a best Dad ever and even though he had to let his girl grow up a little bit, he did it with grace and full participation. Such a good memory for me!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Single Moms

My heart goes out to and my hat comes off to all single moms out there. I have always said nothing better ever happen to Grant because I would be a terrible single parent...yet I find my self in that mode more often than I would like. I am exhausted by the end of the day, and I have not even gone to work out side of the home. How those women do it, cook dinner, clean and do laundry amazes me. Now how they do it when they are sick is beyond me! Here I am at 7:35 with no hope of Grant coming home soon, a 9 day old baby, four other kids 7 and under and strep throat (with aches, chills and difficulty swallowing)...and putting the kids to bed is draining me. It makes me marvel at what those women least I know my hubby will eventually come home and try to baby me as well as he knows how (or as well as I let him.)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Isaac's Arrival

Isaac's labor could not have gone better. Monday night I was having pretty strong contractions, they actually hurt, but would not get closer than about 10 minutes apart. I could sleep a little between contractions, but I was exhausted by morning. I had an appointment with Dr Chang at 9:30, and Grant wanted to go with me (he wanted to make sure I actually talked to the Dr.) When he checked me I was only a 2, maybe 3...but he said that could mean anytime for me. I said that is what worried me. (The closer the time came, the more nervous I became about being a good judge as to when to go to the hospital. I was so worried I would not make it in time.) He said he could induce me that day or the next, it did not matter to him. I opted to go to the hospital that day (I even had my bag in the car hoping he would let me.) After talking for a minute he said he was not even going to see if there was room, he was just going to send me off we were.

We got to the hospital about 10:30 or so, and was checked in by 11:00. The Dr came at 12:00 to break my water, which we discovered he really did not have any fluid. Chang said it was a good thing we went in that day for that reason. The nurse was cracking us up, she did not want to deliver the baby, "that is the Dr's thing," she said. She had everything ready before I really got going. She kept saying that I went quick and she did not trust me, I told her I did not trust myself either, that is why we were there.

About 1:00 she checked me and I was almost a 7. I told her from that point on I went quick. She went straight out to call the Dr, who was still in the hospital thank goodness. He came up and prepped immediately. Less than 20 minutes after getting checked and about three contractions of pushing Isaac was out and screaming. It was a super smooth delivery and I was so glad to be done. I have to admit the thought of the pain scared me, but once it was over I was singing praises to an all natural delivery...they rock on the other side of it.

I cannot leave out the fact that Grant is the best coach ever! He knows just how to get me to relax, what to say and how to make me feel good. I just beam when he tells me that he is proud of me. He makes the experience so much better. I could not love that man least I do not think. He is AMAZING!

I have been spoiling Isaac and holding him as much as I can. Who cares if the house is not up to my normal standard. I am getting to love, snuggle and enjoy my little baby, and I am taking advantage of every moment!

The night Isaac was born I lay in my bed with Isaac curled up on my side. I was looking at Grant (my gorgeous husband) laying on his chair/bed. He put on two songs (wonderful world and home) and I felt so content and happy. Even though life as a mother of five 7 and under is crazy I feel so content and happy. Life is wonderful!

Friday, May 14, 2010

May 13, 2003

That was the day that Jamison joined our family. I still remember very vividly the day that Grant and I found out we were pregnant...we had just bought our first home (the condo) and the Bishop came by to visit. As soon as he left we were jumping up and down, so excited we could not help but smile for who knows how long. Months later, she finally was in our arms. Her story of coming to us involves so much, but for now I am going to focus on her arrival.

Monday morning Grant woke up with pink eye, and I woke up having small contractions. Mom was here to help, so we both took the day off work. We got him into the dr's and got him started on medication. We went home and mom made us yummy sandwiches. After awhile we went to walk around Target to try and get the contractions really moving. It got them to get a little closer, but they were not too painful. Eventually we got them down to every five minutes and called the hospital. They told us to come on down, so we did.

It was about 20 minutes to get there from where we lived, and Grant drove like a madman...he was nervous and excited. We got there about 6pm, and they checked me. I was only dilated to a 1 so they were telling me I needed to go home and try and get some rest, but they had to do a stress test first. After an hour or so of monitoring and being unable to really get Jamison to respond, they did an ultrasound and discovered she was extremely low on fluid, so we needed to induce.

About 8 o'clock they got the pit started and labor began. By 11 the pain was really starting to kick in. The dr told me I would not deliver until around noon the next day, so hang on for a long day. Finally by about 2 am the pain got to me and I could no longer stick with my plan to go natural, I was done and knew I had a long night ahead of me, so I asked for the epidural. I finally got it at 4:30 and was much more comfortable. But Jamison's heart rate kept dropping and they were considering and amnio-infusion. We finally got it under control and "broke" my water (though there was not any, hence the induction.) The checked me after the epidural and I was finally a 3.

2 1/2 hours later Jamison was quickly born, the dr wanted to get her out because her heart rate was dropping again. She had a somewhat difficult labor and her face was very swollen, but was fine otherwise. She weighed in at 6 lbs 2 ounces and 18 inches long. It was so wonderful to have her in my arms. She was/is such a special addition to our family. There is so much more to her story (her complications with head size, eyes, and mental speculation: but that is another day's tale.)

Jamison, you are still my sweet little girl and I still treasure those moments we share together. Thank you for being brave enough to come to the world first for us and teaching your dad and I so much about being brave and strong. You teach us great things all the time. Happy Birthday sweetie, I love you the mostest!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Isaac Grant Allred

Isaac Made his official arrival to our family May 11, 2010 at 1:21 pm weighing in at a whopping 7 pounds 14 ounces and 20 inches long. (labor story to follow another day.)

All went super well, I am officially smitten and in love with this little guy, and so is everyone else. We are so glad he is here safe and sound and sweet as ever!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Brittani's in the hospital giving me another sweet grandson

I received a call from Grant this morning informing me that Brittani had been up most the night with contractions and Miquelyn wanting to be right next to her all night. He was driving to work and called to ask if I could go help out. What a priveldge it is to live so close and be able to run down at a moments notice. Brittani prides herself in being independent, but I am so grateful to be able to share in these precious events. She had a doctors appointment at 9:30 so I watched the kids while she got ready and went. Thank goodness a call came as Brittani was driving across the street to check into the hospital. So, we will have a baby today! I have felt so emotional-as I always do when our lives touch heaven above as a new spirit leaves to grace our lives. Such a sacred experience and as a grandmother and mother. My heart is so very tender understanding the great sacrifices it takes to partnership with Heavenly Father in bringing a new soul to an earthly home and what great trust and expectations he has as he send one of his beloved into the arms of that mother. So as Brittani's mom I have an assurance that he is looking upon this scene with great gratitude knowing that this son will come into a loving, faithful home. So as an eternal family we will be principle players in the great Plan of Happiness- we are truly blessed and thankful for Grant and Brittani's willingness to sacrifice once again to fulfill their role as parents. Cindi

Monday, May 10, 2010

The process

So my process may have begun, but anyone that knows me knows it is a long, then short process. It takes me days to work up to full on labor, then once it hits the baby comes very quickly. Last night I started having those annoying contractions that are strong enough to feel, but not strong enough to do anything. They persisted all night...enough to wake me every half hour to hour, but not enough to really hurt. All it does is rob me of my last few possible nights of decent sleep. They have been very minimal today (so typical for me). They will probably reintroduce themselves tonight (once again hampering any chance of sleep) and die off again in the day...if I stay true to form. I have an appointment tomorrow morning, so we will see if the Dr. and I want to schedule an induction on Wednesday. I am leaning towards doing it so I do not stress about making it to the hospital in time (don't want to push my luck). Of coarse I wish he would just come on his own, but it is not looking good, much to Grant's dismay. I suppose the next couple days will tell...

Thursday, May 6, 2010

So excited

When we first moved to Farmington we lived in a house that had a wooden swing. The kids and I would go outside, swing on it and sing. It was so nice to be outdoors with the kids and just relax. They loved it too. Since we have moved from there I have wanted a swing, but never got one, until now! I am so excited to have a swing in the backyard! Grant and I put it together last night and I am sure the kids and I will enjoy it today. It is perfect! P.S. I really wanted a swing that unfolded into a bed, but the one that I found was twice as expensive, and I really liked the look of this one (plus it had fantastic reviews!) When we put it together we made the sweet discovery that it does unfold into a bed...could it get any better, I think not! Here's to summers hanging out in the back yard!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Let the nesting begin

So the count down is on...I suppose. Even though the due date is only a week away, it stills feels like the babe is going to hang out in comfort for quite I might as well let the nesting begin. I have a very long list, and started on it today. Today is the baseboards and dusting (not cleaning) the blinds. I also hope to get started on packing a bag...I think that would make Grant happy. Tomorrow it is laundry and cleaning the carpets. Thursday is more laundry, and Friday a good scrub of the whole house. Friday night is Father and Son, so the soonest the baby fits into the schedule is I suppose we will see???