Monday, June 29, 2009

The Naked Chef

Once upon a time and little boy decided to strip off all his clothes, go outside and cook his little heart away. It is a good thing his mother had the camera close by to capture the naked chef in action!
After all the cooking that little chef was all tuckered out, so he decided to make a bed in the basket and catch a little snooze.

It was an eventful afternoon after all!

The End

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Big Girl

About three weeks ago Mique started standing up in the middle of the floor all by herself. She is experimenting with it all the time and loves to bounce clap and move all around while she she assumes her position. The doctor told me this week that probably in the next two weeks she will start trying to walk...I am thinking not that soon, but I bet in about a month she will try to be off and keeping up with her big sister and brothers. I am not sure I am ready for that.....though, I am ready for less dirty knees!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Not him, he is so sweet....right?

Well, he proved just how "tart" he can be today. I have started to do my grocery shopping at Walmart (I hate it and if you lived in Farmington you would understand why, but I love saving $ even more.) Well, due to a water leak in our house and a plumber having to cut a hole in the ceiling (a whole other story) we did not get to the store until later in the afternoon. I spend half my time telling Asher to stay with me, hurry up, and you do not need to touch everything. I was being a nice little mamma and bought the kids 4th of July shirts (I love them and they are only $3). We got up to check out and my kids always take the bait with all the toys at the check out counter. I spend my time at the counter unloading my cart, reloading it and telling the kids to get up off the floor and stop touching the toys. I get everything done and go to get Asher, realizing as I walk to him that he would not relinquish his flag shirt and I did not pay for it. By now the line is huge and I do not have the time or patience. I tell him we did not pay for it so he does not get it. He proceeds to cry and repeat but I want it, I want it! He starts stomping his feet and crying louder. The sweet lady next in line says I can jump in in front of her to pay for it. I have the two older kids watching the already overflowing cart with Mique in it pulled off to the side. I am holding Asher trying to get him to stop crying. He has not yet given up when it is our turn. I try to hand the check out lady the shirt so we can scan it. That throws Asher over the edge. He pitches a ROYAL fit. His cries are no full blown screams, he starts thrashing around in my arms and throws the shirt, because he does not want it scanned....yeah I know it makes sense. He then throws it behind me and the hanger got caught in my hair. I am trying to slide my card to pay, sign, and explain to him that the shirt is in my hair since he cannot find it. He never figures it out, the lady behind me gets it untangled from my hair, the check out lady takes my receipt all the way to my cart and puts it in a bag because Asher is consuming me. I walk out holding him still crying while pushing an overflowing cart top to bottom, and baby strapped in and two others I am trying not to run over because I cannot see them. Yep I am that mom that everyone shakes their head at in the store and whispers that she should not have so many kids if she cannot control them. So even though he looks so sweet, there is a dark side!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fighting the June Gloom

It has not been a typical summer for us so far. The weather has been cooler than normal, it has rained a fair amount, and it rarely is warm enough for me to go swimming. So, we have tried to do other things to have fun. On one particular day we decided to break out the kitchen aide and make cookies together. You can tell by how dirty the thing is that it is well used and much loved! Caleb and Jamison helped to put all the ingredients in.
Miquelyn was ready and waiting to test the dough to make sure it was just right (she was instantly hooked....hmmm, must be my child!)

Then it was time to load the cookie sheets. (I have to admit looking at these pictures makes me want to go make another batch just so I can have cookie dough again!) So tasty!

Once things got going Asher was standing by as the clean up committee. He had no problem licking all the excess cookie dough away.

Jamison helped one last time to take the nice warm treats out of the oven (with my help of coarse.)

And not much later the warm gooey goodness was ready to be partaken! Mmmmm, I just love these cookies!

Caleb dove right in.

Asher was not far behind. Jamison ate so much cookie dough that she did not care to have a cookie when it was actually cooked. Mique enjoyed too (no pics to document.)

Now don't you just want to go make some cookies....I do....again! And it is so much more fun to do it together!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Reading the Summer Away

I was talking to Britney and she showed me the book she was having Andrew read, and I decided I needed to jump on that band wagon with James. I ordered this book and another one very similar. I know "Dick and Jane" I remember reading those when I was a kid, and they are still around. Yep, you better believe it! They are the best books EVER for beginning readers I am thoroughly convinced. James has exploded in her confidence and ability! She reads it all on her own and is sounding out and blending like crazy! She loves it and asks to read every day. I have to admit I love it too! I would get so frustrated trying to help her before, but either she has really matured (reading wise) or these books simply rock (I am thinking a combo of both)! This was the best $ we have spent for the kids...I am thrilled.
And wouldn't you guess, Caleb just had to join in on the fun. Yep, my four year old reads these books all on his own too. He does not blend as well as James, but he reads fantastically!

What is a mother to do. A four year old with another full year of preschool and he is already reading????? Good luck Miss Michelle and K teachers! I am so proud of them both. I love reading, and I am so glad so far my kids love it too!

Monday, June 8, 2009

My little missionaries

(These pictures are a little old, but they fit the
Last Sunday after we got home from church the kids and I had the following conversation. I do not want to forget this and had to write it down!
James: Mom, what church does Kyle go to?
Me: He does not go to a church.
James: Why not?
Me: He just doesn't.
Caleb and Jamison: Can he go to our church with us?
Me: We can go to his house and ask him if he wants to go with us next time. Do you want to do that?
James and Caleb: Yeah, can we go to his house and tell him if he can go to church with us?
Me: You can ask him if he wants to come, we will go to his house later and ask him.
(Every day of the week the kids reminded me that we needed to go to his house and invite him. Saturday we went and talked to his mom and asked him, telling him he could go if he wanted to, but did not have to. He said that he would go. We all were very excited. About a half hour before church his mom called and said he decided not big deal.)
What my kids taught me: They have a simple innocence and truly wanted to share something they love with their friend. I love the gospel, but I am not as eager to share. They were not afraid to ask. I am afraid to ask. They tried, and it was Kyle's choice to say no, but they did their part. Am I doing my part. I have known for years that I need to be better, but I never would have guessed that my kids would be the ones to lead the way. Thanks James and Bub, you teach me how to be better!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Can your nine month old whistle?

Well apparently mine can.The little blue whistle is one of her favorite toys. I tell the other kids that it is an outdoor whistle, but how can you resist it indoors when it is coming from her?

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Yesterday was our 9th anniversary. We farmed the kids out to other people and went to Durango for the evening. Grant picked me up at my mom's house where I had left the kids, and when I got in the car I found these beautiful flowers. We dropped them off at our house before we left town. When I was looking at them today I noticed that they were the colors of our wedding. I picked up my phone and texted Grant. He responded saying he knew, he had the arrangement made that way on purpose. He asked for calle lilies (the main flower at our wedding) but they did not have any. I was completely impressed and amazed that he would even remember those details. We spent some time last night reminiscing on the things we remembered about our wedding day (which by the way was one of the funnest days of my life) but I never would have expected him to remember this. It is just a reminder to me that a lot of what he does is not random but has great meaning behind it. I really appreciate his thoughtfulness in my I made an awesome choice 9 years ago! I am just glad he want me too.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Don't you ever!

Yesterday I realized how often Grant and I say this to our on earth are they going to survive without being paranoid?

Don't you ever run out into the street, you need to hold mommy or dadda's hand.

Don't you ever pick up a spider, there are some kinds that can hurt you. James loved all bugs and likes to pick them and examine them.

Don't you ever touch this bug. We have been having quite a few centipedes lately and so I had Grant show one to the kids to so they know not to touch them.

Don't you ever put things around your neck. Said to Caleb after Grant walks into the room and he has the dog leash tightly wrapped around his neck.

Don't you ever put bags over your head. As Asher walks in the room saying "Momma, look what I can do," as he places a gallon size ziploc bag over his head.

Don't ever answer the door by yourself. Caleb does that and would let any stranger in, or take anything from anyone.

At least we are not to the "don't you evers" of the teenage years, I can wait for that one!