Friday, January 23, 2009

It is no wonder

Last night was a pretty typical night for me. It went something like this:
Finally fall asleep about 11:00
Mique wakes me up at 1:30 crying. Got out of bed and try to settle her down. Quickly give up and bring her to bed with me. Get her asleep and then take her back to her bed.
Asher will not settle down and get up with him at 2:00. Finally at 3:00 he is asleep enough I can leave his room and go back to my bed.
5:30 Mique is awake and ready to eat. Feed her and then put her back in her bed.
Go back to bed at 6:00 (unless it is Tuesday or Thursday and I get up to go run.)
Wake up for the day early but not so bright at 7:00.

It really is no wonder why my immune system is slightly week. It is frustrating to me because I have been sleeping this way for about six years now and I am used to it. I function totally fine, but apparently my body is disagreeing.

Thank goodness I have been feeling fine other than the irritation of the sore. I am lucky!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I consider myself pretty healthy person...I do not get sick often. I get cold several times a year, but not bad enough to knock me off of my feet, other than that I am usually good to go. That was until November. I got MRSA (as my cousin puts is a staph infection on steroids. If you read about it it sounds grim, but the communal strain which I had is not as scary, though still a horrible infection) It is nasty and resistant to several antibiotics. I caught it fairly early, but that coupled with the stomach flu it did a number on me. About a week after finishing those antibiotics I got some dental work done and within a few days ended up with an infection in my mouth at the injection site (ouch!) Another round of antibiotics and watching carefully to make sure it was not MRSA (which in that mouth area of your body can quickly turn fatal.) Thank goodness it was not and I healed about a week later. So Saturday night I went to bed with a sore and was slightly afraid it might me MRSA again. I woke up at 4:30 that morning and knew for sure that is what it was. We went to church and after that I was off the instacare. The NP there lanced it, packed it and took a culture. Back on heavy antibiotics for me. Yesterday I was supposed to go back and get the packing out, but it was a 2-3 hour wait and I was not wanting to pay another copay. I called my cousin and talked to him about taking it out later that night I did just that. It is still really sore, but I caught it even earlier this time so it has not wreaked nearly as much havoc on my body. So for being a healthy person, I have had a couple unlucky months.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Man of many gloves

Grant and I were picking up tonight and one of the things he grabbed was a pair of his gloves. He looked at them and said, I wonder how many pairs of gloves I have. So, we started to list them. I knew he had a thing for watches and coats, but I now know we can add gloves to the list. Here are ones that we thought of:
Leather gloves for driving in cold weather,
gloves for riding the bicycle,
motorcycle gloves,
woodworking gloves,
knit gloves for running,
wool gloves without finger tips and mitten covers for hunting,
Weight lifting gloves,
Worn down gloves for yard work,
thicker leather gloves for yard work,
golf glove....and I am sure more that I am missing.
apparently you can judge a man by his gloves, and I have a pretty amazing man!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Sleep button

I have a friend that calls that special place you touch on your baby to help them fall asleep the sleep button. Well Mique's sleep button is not a place on her face, but rather a hold on my finger. If she is tired and fighting it she does not stop moving and relax. I offer my finger, she stops moving, relaxes and melts into my arms and a nice little slumber. She is not a cuddler, so I love it when she snuggles up to me to fall asleep. It does not happen often, so I had to document it. There is little that matches the feeling of a little one holding on tight!