Thursday, November 26, 2009

ABC's of grattitude

I am grateful for:

A-Asher, those squishy cheeks (both kinds) are irresistible
B-Butter, what does not taste better with butter
C-Caleb, whose smile brightens my world
D-Drive through, because it is so much easier to not have to take my four little ones out.
E-Elegance, A quality I do not possess but very much admire
F-Friends, life would be lonely without such great one!
G-Grant, who makes my life the greatest one ever!
H-Healing, which I have needed and accessed a lot lately
I-Ice Cream, which is the greatest contributor to my "problem area's" but my favorite treat with my hubby
J-Jamison, who is one of the bravest people I know
K-Kindness, I see examples of it around me constantly and am reminded what I need to do
L-Love, my life is filled with it and carries me through all
M-Miquelyn, who keeps me on my toes and melts me with the very occasional shows of affection
N-Nose spray, It has provided me with many nights sleep
O-Out of town, I love to travel and get out to see people and new places
P-Popcorn, one of my favorite snacks while playing games...I love popcorn.
Q-Quilts, To snuggle up in them means security and warmth
R-Reading, I love to do it and wish I had more time for it
S-Seasons, I love that we have all of them here in Farmington
T-Tahiti, heaven on earth as far as I am concerned
U-Under wire, not that I NEED it, but I won't go without it
V-Victory, over trials...somehow I come out stronger and better for them
W-Water, I love to drink it and play in it
X-X-mas, I love everything about it, the spirit, the music, the food, the giving and the constant remembrance of our Savior and his beginnings
Y-Youth, I was provided a fantastic youth thanks to my parents and siblings
Z-Zippers, how much easier are they than buttons

Monday, November 23, 2009

One of those days

It has been one of those days...the good/productive kind, and even though my legs already hurt I feel satisfied. I cleaned the house, did the kids laundry, worked out, got two visiting teaching appts done, about to be off the dance, then to Sams, pick up from dance, take kids home, get them bathed, make a salad and off to the parents house to enjoy Mikael before she is off again. Now I wish I could say that I could relax tomorrow, but I had to work so hard today because tomorrow is busy, but a good busy. It is Thanksgiving week, Grant and I are always discussing our plans for baking and cooking...and making ourselves even more excited. Yep, it is panning out to be a good week!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Her Eyes

Jamison had a conversation with my mom the other day, and we talked about it yesterday. She told us that people always ask her about her eye. I tried to find out what questions they were asking. She said mostly they ask her why her one eye shuts. She tells them because she is blind. They respond, "oh" and that is about it. She says mostly kids in other classes and other grades ask her, and sometimes adults. She does not know if the kids know what blind means, but she does tell me that she gets tired of people asking her that question. Though it might be a little sad for people to hear this (Grant sighed and got a look on his face when I told him) I am glad for one thing in particular. When asked this question she calmly gives a direct answer to a curious question. She is not hurt, offended, or upset...she just tells it like it is. This is what I always wanted for her. I wanted her to be able to explain it without feeling hurt or making others feel bad or stupid. Though it is a question she hears more than she wants, she is brave and mature about it, and I am insanely proud of her! She already has proven at age 6 that she faces her challenges head on.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tell me again Why????

So, last night was Monday night, hence FHE. Grant closed, so as soon as he got home we ate dinner and cleaned up. It was time for a quick FHE before bed. We always start with a song and prayer and then Grant wanted to talk about faith. The whole time kids were squirming, Mique was screaming on purpose to make Asher laugh. Caleb kept wanting to talk about something else, James was actually kind of trying. I let Mique try and offer the opening prayer because when we ask whose turn she always throws both arms up in the air and yells. I thought it might be a good start. At first all was silent and she was mumbling something after I said the words. The boys kept laughing uncontrollably, which made Mique squeal with delight...I on the other hand was not delighted. By the end of our quick little "show" and still even today I am asking myself, so why do WE even try????

Monday, November 2, 2009


Grant hates Halloween...for many reasons, but I think if he got to see how excited the kids were to dress up, it might not have bothered him so bad (he had to work that day.) We went to the trunk -or-treat, but after less than 10 cars the kids were done and ready to head home. It is kinda nice that they do not really care about the candy and just love the dressing up. (I know, I know, it will not last forever.) I could not get the kids to do a theme this year, so I guess we are done with that cute matching thing, but they were cute anyhow.
The ballerina

The SWAT guy

The fire fighter

The Lady bug.