Wednesday, July 25, 2012


1 Mom 5 Kids,
6 states in 10 days,
51 hours traveling,
Over 2900 miles,
Almost $100 in fish,
Not nearly enough sleep........
Being able to do this (and more) with Gramps and SuSu,

 (Shooting Marshmallow guns)
 (Fishing at the hatchery-James caught the first fish, Caleb the biggest, Asher 5, Mique lost count and Isaac the least-he was not a fan)
 (Helping to host the annual Allred Fourth of July breakfast)
 (A trip to the jelly belly factory)
 (not really that fun for kids FYI)
 (New found love of Hula Hooping)
 (Miles and miles of the crooked mile at fairytale town)
(Not pictures: hours in the hot tub, a delicious dinner at Morimoto, and so much more)