Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bless Mom

The kids prayers are great. Sometimes they last a bit long, but they really are sincere. They often pray for the same things, but so do I because they are the things I truly want to say and need. They pray for Jamison and Caleb to have fun at school and to learn, they pray for Asher and Miquelyn to be good helpers at home. They pray for Isaac to not be crabby and Dad to sell lots of cars. Then they end it with bless Mom to do the things that she needs to do. So....the other day I asked them if they knew what it was that mom did. They thought for a second, and then responded, "Nope, I have no idea what you do." I had to laugh. Realistically they will have no idea all that I do until either they are doing it themselves or they watch their wife do it. At least they are blessing me with help, cause heaven knows I need it!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hippity Flop

So, For Christmas Santa brought the family two new pets. Aquatic African Dwarf frogs. We have loved them. They are funny little creatures. The kids named them Hippity and Hop. We got a bigger tank and put them together with the fish. It has provided great entertainment. Even Isaac loves to watch the frogs and giggles. Well...yesterday I noticed a white growth on the back of Hippity. I took a picture and sent a message to Grant asking if he knew what it might be. He had no clue. Later that night we started looking it up and discovered it was a fungal infection. We immediately went to work. We Quarantined the frog and mixed together a salt water solution that was said to kill the fungus. I was worried about the frog and so were the kids.

I kept checking on the frog and he seemed to be doing ok. I went to watch a show and checked on him a bit later. He was floating upside down in his tank. I freaked, holy cow I killed our frog. I went to pick him up and he started moving. We immediately put him in fresh water and I tried everything to help him and nurse him back (which is really nothing.) It did not take long for him to die. I felt terrible. We were following advice and tried to get rid of the fungus before the fungus killed him, and in the process killed him first. I seriously was on the verge of tears last night. I really liked this frog!
I was telling a friend about it today and she said, well hippity flopped. How can you not laugh at that! Needless to say new frogs are on the way, we now have a disinfectant solution in the tank water, and I am rethinking whether or not I really should have the charge of pets.