Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Different Experience

Soccer is a complete different experience with and for Asher. He is not at all aggressive, and quite honestly not all that invested. But it is all his, his practice and his team, and that is important for him!He typically follows the game around at a distance if he chooses to follow. (He is the one in red all the way to the left.)
Other things often are more appealing than the game, even when he is in the game. (Like last game when he was much more focused on licking the oranges off of his hand than kicking the ball.)
But he has a huge grin on his face when he is on the field and says he loves it!
I do think he loves the snacks after the game more than anything else.
But as long as he loves it and it is all about him, we will root and cheer and watch this little guy play (or lick his hands!)


Intense....that is one word to describe Caleb. He is intense in about all he does, and soccer is no exception! He is all about business and the game!He is such a hustler. Very few kids can beat him in a foot race. (There is one kid on his team that can beat him, but he is two years older and at least a foot taller, so his stride dwarfs him. I would venture to say that 8 year old Caleb would smoke 8 year old Max, but that is just me.)
This year they started throw ins. Caleb loves it, he always wants to be the one throwing the ball in. He takes that pretty serious too!
It is unreal to me the positions in which he can contort his body to get more energy for kicking the ball. (He also does this thing with his tongue but you cannot see it in any of these pictures.) Grant says the weird body contortions are good...I will take his word for it.
I love this picture, this is him scoring a goal. Just look at the angle of the boys and the drive. It is really fun to watch this kid play! The best part about it is how much he loves it!
So I think we are going to be a soccer family for awhile, and I am way okay with it (but also ready for the season to be over and life a smidgen less crazy.) Go Arsenal!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Secret Handshake-Hug

James and Bub have one recess at the same time. When I realized that I asked them if they ever saw each other. They said sometimes. I told them I thought they should find each other every day say hi and then go back to playing with their friends. Together we all decided they should make up either a secret handshake or a hug, find each other, do that then go back to business as usual. So, all on their own they made up a secret handshake-hug. They find each other every day and do it. I think it is about the coolest thing ever. (Note: the purpose of this picture was for them to both show off their front toothless grins, how often do siblings experience that together.)
Asher and Mique were not about to be outdone. They too made up their own secret handshake hug to do when they are in school together. I am not sure they still remember it, but they were all about it for a couple of days. What cuties huh!
I do not expect the kids to be best friends. But, I do hope they are always friends and ALWAYS stick up for each other. Such good kids!