Wednesday, March 28, 2012

First Prayer

I am always telling this kid he needs to learn how to talk. He gets everything done by grunting and pointing, but I want to hear words. In the last couple weeks he finally decided to listen and has been saying so much more. I finally realized that he will not jibber or jabber. He will only talk if he is saying a real word and he thinks he can say it well. (Great another perfectionist on our hands.) I love his little voice and love that he is using it.
Last night it was time for family prayer. I asked the kids who's turn it was and Isaac's hand shot straight up in the air. We decided to put him into the rotation and let him give it a try. It was the cutest little prayer. He tried to say every word. It was not all audible, but he folded his little arms the whole time and said his little prayer. Those moments are ones to never forget. I am just glad our kids still fight over who GETS to pray and not who HAS to prayer. This is a good stage (I just need reminders of that ever once and awhile.)