Friday, August 24, 2012


I have never worn Spanx before (I am not a big fan of tight things), but I know people that have.  I once read a hilarious story about a woman trying to remove her spanx in an airplane bathroom.  So I was looking at an add for Spanx today and the model they were on was a perfectly slim and skinny girl, who had no need to wear spanx and probably never would.  Why do they not put it on a model that really would wear spanx so that the average woman can see what it would do for her....common sense right?  Maybe it is just good advertising for people who look at that model and think...yeah I want to look like that. Beats me, just struck me kinda funny.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I have so many things I should post, but days like today have prevented:

6:30- get up with dog to let her out and play for a few
6:55- wake all the kids up, make them breakfast and lunches and get all ready for school
7:40 pray and tell all kids to get in the car
7:41- Isaac tries to pour his own milk for his cereal (I get mad) because it goes all over the counter and floor
7:45- leave the house to take 3 olders to school
8:00- return home and get the 4th ready for her first day of school (pictures and all)
8:54- leave the house to drop said child off at school
9:05- begin the errand of returns to lowes, purchases at lowes, returns to payless, purchase of soccer uniform.
10:30- return home, let the dog out, shower quickly and pick up a few things
11:25- out the door to pick up preschooler
11:33- with preschooler in hand off to the pool for a few minutes to eat and celebrate a good first day of school
2:00- return home, change clothes, do the breakfast dishes, clean the stove, straighten the upstairs, drink some water (all while the two youngers slept in the car
2:32-leave the house to pick the kids up from school
2:42-pick up Asher from his class
2:47-pick up James and Caleb
2:54- get other kids from the car and head back to the school for 3rd grade open house
3:01-3:53-start in the cafeteria then visit 5 teachers, five classrooms with five kids
3:54-load back up in the car head home let the dog out
4:10-people meet at our house to buy and take away our oven/stove-help them load it
4:20- help kids start their homework, play with dog
4:49-load back up in the car to take two olders to piano lessons
5:04-arrive back home, write this post, help asher and mique get shoes on to run around the block (their idea)
And what is ahead-
5:30-make pancake mixture, pancakes for dinner since we no longer have an oven or a stove and let dog out
5:52- load back up in the car to pick up kids from piano
6:01- head to the school for 2nd grade open house
6:10- visit teacher and classroom
6:25- head home and start dinner, help Jamison with more homework
6:35-let dog out, eat dinner then clean up
6:52-send Grant off to church
7:20-read scriptures, brush teeth, say prayer, kiss 5 little heads goodnight and send them to their rooms to read
7:30- change into running clothes and run
8:00 tell kids to turn out lights and go to bed, let dog out and play
8:11- yell at kids to be quiet and go to sleep
8:23-yell at kids to be quiet and go to sleep
8:34-yell at kids to be quiet and go to sleep
8:41-yell at kids to be quiet and go to sleep
8:49-yell at kids to be quiet and go to sleep
8:56-yell at kids to be quiet and go to sleep
9:00-shower, sit down in front of the tv and be brainless for a moment
9:03-yell at kids to be quiet and go to sleep
and there you have it.....someday I will post the way I would like.

BTW-any person that says a stay at home mom does not really work or contribute to society...I dare you to try out my life for a bit and see if you still feel the same!!!