Saturday, June 23, 2012


I think I have about the two easiest last names on the planet.  Webb, my last name for nearly 23 years...simple, yes very simple.  It did get spelled wrong occasionally (Web) which actually happens more often now with the World Wide slightly understandable.  Now for the last 12 years I have had the last name Allred...simple enough right.  It is a compound word All+Red...we all know those words right?  So why is it that no one can seem to figure it out.  When people ask for my last name I say Allred nice and slow and very clear.  Inevitably I get asked how to spell it. I think most of the time when I spell it out for people they feel really stupid (I would if I were them).  But I get asked that favor every week.  I have actually gotten to the point that I say it and then immediately begin to spell it, it just saves time.  But the spelling is not the only issue.  When people have it written in front of them they never manage to say it right.  I  get called Alfred and Allerd more than I do Allred.  Maybe if it was always typed Allred people would get it.  I am just curious why our school system and reading programs have failed so many people.  But I have the proof that it is true.  But it does not end there.  When people know how to say our last name they still manage to spell it wrong.  Yep, Allread is the new Allred.  So maybe I should stop thinking Allred is so easy and come to the realization that for most people (for reasons COMPLETELY unknown to me) it is not.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Scuba Adventure

 Before we even set foot in the Bahamas, we scheduled a day of Scuba Diving.  We found Stuart Cove, the best Scuba Place I have ever encountered.  They came to the Hotel and picked us up.  It was on the other side of the island, so it was cool to drive through the non-tourist parts.
Our First Dive was a shipwreck dive.  There were three separate ship wrecks, all of varying sizes.  We went down almost 100 feet under the water.  We came around the bow of one ship and there was a nurse shark just hanging out.  It was slightly unnerving, but too cool to be bothersome.  We got to explore all around the boats, but stayed on the outside of them. Our second dive was the James Bond dive.  Two James bond movies used a sunken airplane and ship.  These ended up being really cool dives because we got to see a lot of beautiful coral and sea life.  We also got to spend about 30 minutes exploring the ocean all by ourselves.  After that we went back to the shop to eat lunch.  In the mean time we heard about the shark feed dive and decided we had to do that.

So, on the shark feed dive they take you down to what they call the Arena.  They have you all sit in a circle anchored down by a rock.  The dive master is wearing chain-male (sp) and feeds the sharks right in the middle of our circle.  These are Caribbean Reef Sharks.  The females are bigger and of the ones we saw they got up to about 8 feet long.  At first they would swim by us and occasionally brush up against our bodies.  It was thrilling!!

Then when the feed got near us they were full on bumping into us almost knocking us over.  You have to keep you hands tucked in close because right before they bite their food they "close there eyes" and eat by sensation.  They will bite where they feel the movement, so if your hand is might as well be counted as gone.  These sharks got up close and personal!

These are pictures Grant took with our camera as the sharks were swimming around us.  It kind of gives you an idea of how close they are.

 It was an absolutely incredible adventure.  After the feeding we were given a little time to look for a sharks tooth that had fallen out.  Grant was the only person in our group that found one.

 Scuba diving is a blast, but put sharks into the mix and it is virtually unmatched!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Grant won a trip last year from Toyota and your choice vacation spot was the Bahamas.  Any vacation that involves a beach is ideal for me and this did not dissappoint! We stayed at the Atlantis resort which was UNREAL!!! I want to go back, and it was so easy to get there I am sure we will try and make it happen some day.  The resort had it's own private beaches, so it was never crowded.
 This was my view one day as Grant and I hung out and read our books.  You can see my little tootsies at the bottom of the screen, yep that was literally my view.
 This was the view from our room.  The beach was  right out the door.
 There were also amazing pools all around the resort (which was on 112 acres of land for the record.)

The resort also had aquariums and a pretty fun water park.  We spent a couple afternoons just playing at the water park.  It had a mile long "lazy river" that actually had some pretty serious waves and rapids.  You could go on some rides off of the river without ever leaving your tube.  There was one ride that involved a 70 nearly vertical drop off that takes you under a tank of theses sharks:

 This is the top part of the drop off, the picture does not do it justice, but the water you see is filled with sharks and the tube goes under and through that tank.  Pretty intense!
We spent time just walking up and down this beach searching for sea shells (and found some pretty cool ones).  When we were not walking the beach we were in the water playing around and snorkeling.

While there we took a Catamaran cruise to the middle of the Ocean and went snorkeling.  Grant went Deep Sea fishing (which unfortunately ended up being kind of a bust).  We had a couples massage (Grant first massage ever).  We got to swim with the dolphins.
Grant ended up getting bit by one of the dolphins two times.  The first time it just nipped at his hand.  The second time it bit his foot and tried to drag him down in the water.  It left a little mark, but did not break the skin.  He ended up having to fill out an incident report and felt like the biggest nerd.  That was our first morning there, but did not ruin our fun at all.  I actually got many a good laughs from it.  We also went and explored the local market and town a bit.  We spent a whole day scuba diving (but that deserves a post all it self.)  It was virtually the prefect vacation.  We were able to play plenty and relax enough too. A full week alone with my man 24 hours a day...HEAVEN!!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Cleaning the house

You know what makes cleaning the house more fun (at least for me)...Turning on XM Radio, possibly turning it up a little loud and dancing along as I scrub toilets, dust and mop.  I have to say cleaning was kind of enjoyable yesterday as a shook it.