Thursday, April 29, 2010

For my records

The kids wanted to weigh themselves today, and the results are the following:

Jamison 34 1/2 lbs (7 years)
Caleb 34 1/2 lbs (5 years 3 months)
Asher 30 lbs (3 1/2 years)
Miquelyn 22 lbs (20 months)

And soon to come Isaac...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A reflection of mother

We had a little experience today that as we rehearsed it to my father he said it is a refection of the mother....which means I am not a very good mother ;-)

We made it to church just barely on time, looking as put together as we look...I have to admit the kids looked cute as ever with matching clothes and fresh haircuts and all! A little into sacrament meeting I get a glimpse of Asher and notice something is off. I pull him up on to my lap and lift up his pant leg. He is wearing his dress black shoes, WITHOUT socks. He informed me that he did not want to wear socks today, so that is exactly what he did. Oops, missed that one, but hey I had to laugh.

Then after church Johnathon informed us of another situation I missed. Apparently socks were not the only thing he did not want to wear.....underwear was on that list as well. Yep, Asher went Commando to church and I had no clue. Come on kids, you are making me look bad!

Friday, April 23, 2010


Jamison: It can be really fun to watch her read, for several reasons. It is amazing to see and hear her progress she has made in the last 7 months or so. It is funny to watch her comprehend because she can make the funniest faces when she is thinking about what she is reading. She is entertaining.

Caleb: He cracks me up by how much he loves to vacuum and do the dishes. Being able to do those things are a reward, not a chore....wish it could last forever! It is great to watch him drag the stool over to the sink, climb up and wash each dish meticulously then put it in the dishwasher. Definitely proud moments.

Asher: He is keeping us in stitches with his vocabulary ie: the other day Caleb and Asher were doing my hair. Asher insisted that Caleb had to use the little clippy, not the big one because the little ones are "adorable." He told the kids the other day to be quiet, he needed to concentrate. He used the word allergy properly in a sentence and when asked if he even knew what it meant he gave a simple definition that was pretty on...he kills us!

Miquelyn: Not only does she love to help unload the dishwasher...she does all the silverware if she can, she is he official toothbrush distributor. I put the toothpaste on and she takes them to their rightful owner. She knows exactly who's toothbrush is who's and she does her task proudly! It is fun to watch her go about her business.

Athena: Last week Grant and I were on the couch and both had a sudden urge ( at different times) to go down ans check on her even though she has been gone for over 2 months. We still miss her!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Our weekend away

It was so absolutely wonderful to have a weekend away. We went up to Durango (one of my favorite little places to go) and stayed in a bed and breakfast 15 miles north of the town. I love how the road is not far from the cabin, but you feel like you are in the middle of the woods. We went back to town after checking in, had dinner at Steamworks and picked up a little treat at Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. The next day we tried to sleep in (why is that so difficult now?) We got up and had a delicious breakfast. After that we went on a 2 mile or so walk to Baker's bridge where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid was filmed. It was a beautiful outlook. We climbed down the rocks a bit and enjoyed the view.
After the walk back we changed into shorts and went to roam around downtown. We walked into random stores and visited a few of our favorites (Polo outlet and Brown's shoes). After a yummy bagel lunch we went to a running store where we spent at least an hour having Grant fitted for a shoes that is best suited for his running style. It was really to cool to witness the process and see how much difference a shoe can make! After finding the perfect shoe we headed back to the bead and breakfast where we laid down on the bed, read books in peace and tried to nap a little. We eventually got up to go to dinner at our favorite Durango place mmmm Red Snapper! We stopped for a minute to watch people in a park playing polo on bikes with make shift was fun to watch. The next morning it was another fantastic breakfast and then home to reality. Oh what a wonderful weekend with my favorite person in the world...everyone should do it at least once a year!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Greatest Dad EVER

Grant has been taking extra time with the kids lately. Last month or so he took just Asher to lunch where Asher picked...he loved it. A couple of weeks ago he came and picked up Caleb, let him hang out with him at work for a couple hours and took him to lunch to any place of his choice. Yesterday I had to take Mique to the doctor and would not be home when James got home from school, so Grant picked her up from school a little early and she got to hang out with him at work until I got there. She thought she was pretty cool. I love that Grant, even as busy as he is, lets the kids come be a part of his world...and they love it!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Scary moment

Isn't it interesting how when you are scared a second can feel like minutes. I can think of very few things that have scared me more than losing a child. When we were at Grant's triathlon we lost Asher. There were so many family members there I thought he was with one of them. When we all dispersed and left to leave, Asher was gone. We started looking for him, and I started calling everyone to see if he was with them. Grant eventually found him on the other side of the field cheering on the racers. Asher said he was trying to get away from the music because it was too loud.

For the first time today, recently enough my stomach is still churning, I was brought to tears because I thought another child was missing. Jamison gets home like clockwork from the bus. She was 5 minutes late and I thought it was odd. Ten minutes came and I was really getting worried. I was vacuuming and wondered if I just did not hear the bus and she was outside. I went out and yelled for her, with no response. I got the kids all loaded in the car and drove to the school, following the bus route just in case the bus was having problems. I got to the school, went to the office and her classroom and she was no where to be found. We found the teacher that lined the kids up for the bus and said Jamison was in line. The office lady said she would call the bus, and have people look around the school. I was going home to look around for her at home and check with the neighbors (which I really did not think she would go to without checking in with me.) On the way home the office called to tell me she called the bus and they said she never got on the bus. I was going to call Chelsey to make sure she did not by chance go home to her house...though that is so not like her. I called Grant, he did not answer. I called again, this time in tears and got out I cannot find Jamison, she never came home. He asked if I was serious just in time for me to pull up to the house and find Jamison sitting in front in tears too. I guess the bus made a mistake and thought they asked for Jennifer Allred. They also changed the route, where we usually are the 2nd drop off, and made us the last. Yes it is possible for all things to go wrong to really freak a mother out. I am just glad she is safe and home with me. Now if nothing like that can ever happen again I will be good.