Friday, October 30, 2009

31 for 21

I just read SuSu's post and I was reminded of an experience Grant and I had almost 7 years ago. It was the night before we were leaving to spend Thanksgiving with Grant's family. We got a call from the Dr's office saying that they got my blood tests back from some prenatal work and it indicated that our chances of having a down syndrome baby were significantly more likely than normal. I am not sure we knew how to react. I had grown up with two special DS children, so my exposure and love was great. Grant on the other hand had little exposure. Many things flashed through my the future I had envisioned for us might now have to be altered.

We were off the Utah only wanting to tell our parents about the experience so it was not the focus of the vacation. We had a wonderful time, and upon return we had an ultrasound and appt with a geneticist. It was quickly discovered that a mistake was made in the lab, and my due date was off, so our blood tests no longer indicated higher chances. I cannot recall if we felt relief, I am sure....but I am also sure I had a twinge of sadness not having the honor of having a extra special little one in our care.

After James was born and we settled into a normal routine for us, I kept having this feeling that our next little baby would be Down Syndrome. I never knew why I felt that way, but I know I felt it more than once and felt it strong. It was interesting to me when I learned that my feelings were for the next baby in the family, and not specifically my next baby. Eight months after James was born, little William surprised us all (especially his parents) by coming to the earth with a little something extra.

Though there is a a sadness in change of dreams and reality I am sure, there was a special tenderness I felt from the very beginning. Since that time I have learned a great from my family, esp the Easterlings. One of my first thoughts 7 years ago was that Grant and I would not be able to serve a mission together. How wrong I was and how I can picture Kimberly and Dave with William and Mary on a mission in Nauvoo, doing great things and touching many people.

I am grateful for the lessons I learn and for the unique challenges each of my family members on both side have had, I learn a d great deal and definitely admire my siblings and in laws for their strengths, perspectives and esp. their children!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Absolutely wonderful

The weekend was wonderful and by all means went by too quick. We got there Thursday night, had dinner and went to the hotel and relaxed a bit before it was off to sleep. Friday morning I took Grant to his meeting and then off to the mall. I thought I would be there forever because I had no reason to rush and just take my time looking at things. I did a round at the stores I wanted, priced things out and did a lap around the mall to see if there were any other store I wanted to go visit. I made my decisions, went back and made the purchases, and got some Christmas shopping done.

What I learned at the Mall: I did not want to visit any other stores than the ones I usually visit. I would look at other moms with one or two kids and think I should miss my kids....but I do not. It is so quiet and relaxing to shop by myself...oh how I enjoyed the quiet. I was not at the mall very long at all, it was so fast to shop without the kids.

Next I went to Kohls. I have only been there once and wanted to see what it was all about. I got more Christmas shopping done and realized why people love it...great deals!!!! I walked over to Toys R Us from there and just wandered, and next to Barnes and Noble. I walked in and ate lunch in the Cafe alone. It was wonderful, I took my time, enjoyed my yummy quiche without any noise or distraction. I wandered around for a bit and eventually made my way back to the car.

I went to Walmart and got one last Christmas item since I did not have inquiring minds with me. I went to Justin and Ashley's to visit just for a bit before I picked up Grant. After getting him we went straight to the temple and just barely missed the session. We sat in the chapel almost an hour and really just enjoyed it. It was so fun and nice. We are usually rushing to the temple and do not get time in the chapel. Since we did not have someone waiting with the kids I was not stressed and really enjoyed being with my hubby where it all started.

After that off to a quick dinner, another loop around Barnes and Noble with Grant, and a chill evening with Justin and Ashley. The next day Grant only had morning meetings so I went along and sat in the lobby by a fire reading a book. I sipped a Carmel Apple Cider (and burnt my impatient I know) After that we to Sportsmans warehouse and a perfect lunch a Mimi's. We headed to a dollar theater and watched a movie. After that we went to Uptown, walked around, and found a couple cool deals.

That night we had an amazing dinner and went back to the hotel and crashed. The next day we decided to take our time home. Instead of taking the usual 3 hour route we went another more scenic way. It took about five hours, but was kinda cool. We got some Subway and pulled off the side of the road in the middle of no-where by an OLD abandoned frame of a church. We had a little picnic there by the River, so Nice.

It was the perfect weekend for me. I have to admit I still woke up at night thinking I heard kids crying, but that is my life I suppose. Not long after getting home, when all the noise and crying was in full force, Grant looked at me and asked me if I was really to leave again. All he needs to do is name the time and I am there. It was a much needed weekend, and I did not take a moment of it for granted!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It is almost ridiculous

Grant has meeting in ABQ Friday and Saturday and I am going along...without the kids! It is almost ridiculous how excited I am! Grant will be in meetings almost all day Friday, so I am going to go wander the mall BY MYSELF!!!! I am so excited to walk around not having to retrace my steps four times trying to keep the kids rounded up, not being rushed from store to store to hurry and get done, and only have to keep track of my phone and purse. I seriously cannot remember the last time I was able to do that, and I am excited to get some x-mas shopping out of the way.

That night we are going to go to the temple...Much needed for my heart and soul and then out to a simple dinner. I get to go to bed only having to worry about brushing my own teeth and not having to wake up to any child.

The next day Grant is only gone for half the day, and the rest of it we get to spend together, only us, no other munchkins interrupting. He is going to take me to a nice dinner that night and once again an evening only worrying about myself (is that legal?) I want to sleep in the next day with my hubby, as long as our brains will let us and come back home at a leisurely pace.

Did I mention how incredibly thrilled I am to be going!

No offense against you little ones (though your faces are sweet now, it is not always so) I love you but I need a break so I can love you even more!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

You will be glad no picture is attached

So.....the other morning Grant was on his way to ABQ and I was getting the kids up and moving. I thought I saw a little shadow move from the hall to the laundry room. I went in there and could not find anything, but looked close at the ground by the door and found a few mouse dropping...yeah great! I did not have the time to deal with it then so I shut the door, grabbed a towel and sealed the crack at the bottom of the door just in case. I thought several times that I needed to set some traps, and then remembered the traps were in the laundry room and did not want to try and mess with it while the kids were hovering.

That night Grant got home, went in the laundry room and no mouse to be found. I tend the leave the washer open and there was evidence of a mouse having been there. We could not find it vanished. We started an empty load to clean out the basin...and when it was done low and behold a dead mouse finally surfaced. The latest and the greatest in mouse traps are washing machines apparently.

Needless to say, several empty loads later with Clorox and soap, we are back in business. There is new construction not far from us, and our garage door does not seal very well, so we think that could be the cause of our problems. I have thought about getting a cat to live in the garage to take care of the problem, but then I am left with a cat after all is said and done. That is a problem itself. Oh well, a mouse hunting we go!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Oh if only it would last

Jamison has a fantastic teacher this year and she is really doing well in school (last year was not the best ever first experience, so we...Grant and I...are terribly grateful for this year.) She is loving school, really trying and interested in learning. She is excited to do homework. When she gets home she will ask if she can do her homework after dinner, do one practice spelling test while I am making dinner and another one after we are done. She is always asking to read...I LOVE IT!

Caleb is far enough ahead in his preschool that the teacher is sending him home with homework just to give him something to do. He is asking to do his homework first thing in the morning and sometimes actually drives me nuts with his persistence...but at least he is loving to learn too!

Now if only we could make it last!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Tag, you are it!

The kids were running around the couch playing tag yesterday. I had quick flashback of playing tag in my yard growing up with a plethora of siblings. (Note it is because of all the fun we had in the grass that made me want to have a big yard when I grew up, I have since gotten over that and prefer smaller yard=less maintenance...I know I am boring.) I loved tag, all versions and it occupied many summer afternoons and evenings. Much laughter, and I am sure tears came as a result. It made me so excited that my kids are getting old enough to play it and have siblings who are built in playmates! Oh yeah, the cutest part about it all was their Dad being the ring leader and running around the couch chasing them and laughing. I have the greatest family ever!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Caught the Fever

Oh how I wish it was something other than temperature fever, but alas it is not. James had it this weekend but was better by Monday for our trip to ABQ for her eye appointment. She went to school on Tuesday, and it went downhill from there. She, Mique and Caleb all got the Flu: Fever, coughing, sore throat=lack of sleep on all parts. It could very well be the Swine Flu, but Farmington is not even testing for the flu let alone the swine flu, so we just treat the symptoms and hope that after we get through this our little family will get a break.

Asher, not yet sick yet inevitable as far as I am concerned, was not to be left out. He had one day of potty training reversal and took scissors to his own hair. Thank goodness it was not bad and he is my first ever to do so, not bad record if I say so myself.

As frustrated, tired, sick of being trapped for days in a house with sick kids, someone contantly touching me (which should be sweet but right now so is not) not getting anything done, really I just feel terrible for Mique. She does not understand, and does not feel well at all, but she still does not want to sit still. It is so sad to see a baby feel this way. After days and nights of poor sleep she took a 4+ hour nap today, so maybe tonight will be better for all involved.

As soon as a ll kids a feeling healthy I am running away for an evening with my hubby to just enjoy him!