Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Art Award

Our school is amazing for so many reasons.  One of those is that they make sure we have the arts for all kids to enjoy.  We are only able to have a part time art teacher, but every classroom has a mom volunteer to do art an the weeks that Mr Parsons is not at our school.  At the end of the year a school wide art show and contest is held.  This year Miss Jamison was selected for second place of all second graders.
 She did her piece "The Fancy Kingdom" all by herself.  She loves drawing and doing crafts so much, it was so exciting for her to win an award.  She also got a goodie bag of art supplies she carries around with her almost always.
This girl has really broken out of her shell this year and we are so proud of who she is becoming.  Awesome job my little Fancy artist!!!

Thursday, May 24, 2012

MS Run

Our Elementary school does a fun run every year.  They call it the MS run (One of the teachers had a husband diagnosed with MS years ago and they have been doing a run for years to raise awareness and funds for a search for the cure. That man died this last summer.) So this run is a two mile run and it is a big deal.  First and second graders have to have an adult run with them if they want to leave their classes.  This year Mammy ran with Jamison and I ran with Caleb.  
Caleb was so excited for the run.  We talked strategy, and our goal was for him to run the whole time and not have to walk.  We were so excited (I think he was a little nervous, his heart was pounding right before we started.)  I had to pull him back a little sometimes so that he did not run too fast too soon.  We slowed it down on the uphills and sped up a little when it was downhill.  When we neared the end he was getting side cramps, but when we were almost there he kicked and I had to sprint to try and keep up with him.  He ran the whole thing in 17 minutes and 7 seconds. To get a feel for how amazing this is let me give some added info.  So all first graders through fifth graders do this.  Grant and I figured this was over 400 kids.  Caleb (Our little first grader) got 21st place out of the whole school.  he was just seconds behind his friend Payton (also a first grader) but no other first or second graders were even close.  I was so proud of him, and he had a blast.  It will be fun to see what he can do as the years go on!