Thursday, July 30, 2009

A mind like mine

When Grant and I were first married and driving somewhere, anywhere and there had been an extended silence I would ask, "what are you thinking about." He would usually answer, "Nothing really." It would make me so mad. I just figured he did not want to tell me what he was thinking about, or just wanted to avoid conversation with me. Whatever the reason, the result was me feeling upset. It has only been in the last year or two that he has explained to me that there are times that his mind literally is blank, he is not thinking. He says that it has been proven (by who I do not know) that men can actually not think. Weird huh. Well now I am jealous, I want to be able to not think.

My mind is constantly going, and not at just any speed, usually warp speed. At times I will say something that throws Grant off because he is baffled at how I got from one subject to another. Occasionally I will indulge him with a review of my exact train of thought. Jumping from one thought to another might seem random, but when given the train, it makes more sense. What amazes me is that it can take me several minutes to say out loud what I have thought in a matter of seconds, and the thoughts NEVER stop.

My thoughts are even very vivid in my dreams and I realize that my mind does not really slow down in my sleep. I can be very tired and have a hard time falling asleep because I cannot get my mind to chill out long enough to welcome in a little slumber. I am finding myself waking up almost as exhausted, and off run the thinking again. The only time I can recognize my mind taking a break is when I can singing along to a song (usually in the car with the music turned up way too loud...mostly so I cannot hear myself.) Maybe that is why I liked dancing so much (and often miss it) because it is a time when I can shut down mentally.

I have become a bit envious of Grant's ability to not think, and wonder if most people are like me, or more like Grant!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Last Night's Story

It is tradition that after our couple prayer Grant and I always kiss (even if we are not happy with each other at the moment.) Last night after prayer I was waiting for my kiss (mind you we were happy with each other,) yet my husband was focused on something other than me. I was wondering where my kiss was when I saw a shadow behind the blinds on the window next to Grant. Next thing I know Grant yells, "There is a mouse in the house," and a little creature started running towards us. We both jumped back on the bed and then it ran down the cords of the light and alarm clock and out of site. I ran out of the room to shut of the alarm so I could go in the Garage and get gloves for Grant. I shut the door behind me and was back in a flash. We spent a bit of time looking for the creature and it was no where to be found. I was not about to get back in bed with the chance of a cuddling up to a little mouse and all the diseases it could carry, so the hunt continued.

We looked every where and could not find it. We expanded our search to the front room and kitchen. We brought up the dog in hopes that she would help. After a little while I happened to see the little gray thing bolt into the kitchen. I yelled, "I found it, I found it." Grant rushed over and we both started looking under the hutch where it was last seen. No dice, it had disappeared again. After an extensive search of the kitchen, Grant moved to the pantry. I stayed on watch just outside of the kitchen. I eventually heard a little scuffle and Grant yell something. All of the sudden I see the culprit run into the bathroom. I yell, "Oh there it is." and shut the door. Grant runs in after it and closes the door.

After a little commotion he opens the door, mouse in hand. He heads out the front door and proceeds to take care of the problem. I am no longer tired, Grant worries and hopes it is the only one, and the dog was no help at all. And that is last night's story.

Friday, July 24, 2009

What goes in must come out

Grant got a gun, and with that comes a need for other things. One of those being ear plugs for when he goes out shooting. Scott got a bunch from his boss and brought a bunch to Grant. They are big bright reddish orangish plugs about and inch long and width to fit the ear. The other day Caleb got a few of them with which to play. He thought they were pretty cool. Now the interesting part comes. Last night as we were doing our routine and getting the kids to bed I got kiddos into pjs. I changed Mique's diaper and low and behold guess what "came out." Yep you got it two HUGE bright ear plugs. I could not believe it. That girl puts everything in her mouth and apparently swallows. It was difficult to try to explain to a 4 year old how dangerous that was for a little baby and not to leave things down that she could swallow (though I never would have thought she could swallow those things.) Oh the joy of an oral driven infant and an absent minded 4 year old boy.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Summer Rec

This was the first year I ventured into the Farmington Summer Rec program. James and Caleb both did Soccer. I was shocked and thrilled when James said she would do it. Though every morning started out doing "corner, corner, gate, gate" with this posture... By the end of the hour she was in the middle of it having fun. She did not love it, and did not choose to do another session, but I am so proud of her sticking with it and finishing it even though it is not really her thing.
Caleb, on the other hand, always got right to it. The class was 4-6 year olds, and most of the time he did not realize he was two years younger and a foot or more shorter than the other kids, and got right in there with them.

He loved it enough to sign up for another session and the fall season of soccer. Sports world, here we come!

P.S. Since James did not find her thing in soccer we signed her up for dance and are giving that a try. She is very excited!

Monday, July 6, 2009

I am Woman hear me Roar

I am having a prideful moment, so if I am going to have one of the seven deadly sins, I might as well share.

I was cleaning out the fridge, making dinner and doing the dishes when I discovered a clogged kitchen sink.....not conducive to any of the aforementioned projects. I tried a few tricks, tried to call Grant (with no success) and proceeded to take on the challenge. (I really did not want a counter top full of dirty dishes, Grant would not be home any time soon, and I did not want him to have to deal with it after a long day of work.) I cleaned out the trap and found nothing unusual when Grant called. He told me to do a few things, but it was not helping the problem and he had to go. I assessed the situation, looked at the plumbing, and started to dig in. After removing several of the pipes I found the problem, fixed it and continued with the projects.

What a great feeling to do things when the first thought that crosses my mind is "I am a girl, I do not know how to do this." There are several things I am proud I can do (even though probably every other girl/woman out there is thinking duh, anyone can do that especially me.)

I fixed a plumbing problem all myself
I can do small drywall patching and texturing like no other
I can mow and edge the lawn almost as good as my husband
I have fixed computer malfunctions all on my own (disclaimer...I learned processes from my hubby)
5 years ago I put together our grill on my own, and it has never let me down
Several pieces of furniture in our house have been assembled by yours truly

It is a small list (good thing I am not making a list of things I cannot do, it would be MUCH longer) but I had a moment of gratification and I need to remember these small things when my focus on the bigger list overwhelms me.