Tuesday, March 11, 2014

My World

It has been so long since I have written, but today I knew it was the day I needed to start writing again. Today I was strongly reminded that Grant and I were absolutely meant to be together.  There is no logical reason as to how we came together.  All that needs to be known is that Heavenly Father wanted us for each other, so He made it happen.  We were two worlds apart (in so many respects.) We have always teased that we had to go halfway across the world to find each other- but I see that Heavenly Father led us to each other. He took a girl from New Mexico, previously going to school at BYU-and a California boy previously going to school in Idaho, and allowed us to be placed in the MTC for a brief time together.  We never met, only he remembers seeing me; yet that is where our side of the adventure began.  He took these two missionaries- using people in each of their lives to allow for an acquaintance. His master plan brought us together.  

It did not take long once we met (face to face) to find our future together.  I see that Heavenly Father knew us each individually.  He knows my weaknesses; he knows my strengths.  He knows Grants weaknesses and his strengths.   He knows that together we can be something amazing.   He must have known that Grant would help me want to be a better person.  He must have known that his hugs could and would bring me comfort and healing.  He must have known that he would be patient and understanding.  He must have known that no one else could bring me the joy that Grant has.  He must have known that there was no one else out there better for me…and he provided a way. I thank my Heavenly Father every day for giving me this man.  I pray every day to help me to be a good wife to him, a good mother to his children, and a person he is proud to call his very own.
It is seems almost an impossible beginning.  And though we have our share of bumps along the way, I would not want to share this journey with anyone else.  I am so grateful for Grant: my one and only love-my world!