Thursday, January 24, 2013

let me explain

Let me explain part of my rant about my dog.  There are several things that stress me out about her (the whole eating her poop thing grosses me out, but that is not the reason.)  The thing that really got me that day was the fact that she likes to bolt when she is given an inch, and she will not listen to me...that drives me nuts.  But, it was particularly bad on Monday.  The kids had the day off of school and were home with me.  I hopped in the shower to enjoy a few moments of me time.  I was so rudely interrupted by my kids yelling at me that the dog got out and they could not get her back.  She will get in people's back yards, chase anyone she can, and simply get into trouble.  So I hopped out of the shower, threw a towel around my body and ran outside. Sure enough she was gone far from our yard.  I ran down the driveway, barefoot, soaking wet, hair dripping and only half covered with a towel in 20ish degree weather. I am yelling and hollering at the dog, and she is blatently ignoring me.  I turn to my left a see my 60 year old neighbor working in the yard building his get rich quick scheme shed just looking at me like, "looks fun."  It was obvious I needed help and he was not about to jump in.  So I ran inside, threw on something to cover myself to go get the dog.  By then she was following and pestering a walker.  He was about to leave the neighborhood, and so was the dog. The walker was nice enough to stop and allow me time to catch up to the dog.  I still had to chase her for a bit before I got a hold of her.  I did not even drag her back home (but I was not about to let go of her collar cause she would bolt again).  She cried and screamed the whole way home like I was beating her (oh believe me I wanted to!) Instead she just earned herself a stay in her kennel and my frustration. Moments like that are not my idea of fun...but I guess at least my neighbors got a show out of it.  I am just not wired for that much patience I suppose...and that is my story.


Aneesa Bee said...

Oh Brittani!! I am sorry I laughed. It's not any fun. . .but the site of you outside in a towel in 20 degree weather. . . .well. . . I may have laughed just a little if I had been your neighbor. But then, I totally would have come outside and helped you catch your dog!!! I feel for you!!! It will get better, right?

Nella-Maria Hiltunen said...

I know exactly how you feel, I love my dogs more than anything, but they can also drive me crazy sometimes!!!

Mikael & Ronnie Squire said...

I will read this post if ever I get the crazy idea we need a pet

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